Coasters boss Dave Challinor spoke to Jack Connor after the 2-2 home draw against Tamworth on Saturday.

A 2-2 draw against Tamworth this afternoon, give us your verdict on the game?

We’re obviously disappointed as we’ve been in front twice in the game and you’d expect to go and win the game because of that. We’ve got one point instead of three and the game on Tuesday now becomes a must win game in effect. We’ve been undone by our poor defence and poor decision making as they’ve scored their second from our corner which isn’t acceptable really. We have to dust ourselves down and we’ll go again on Tuesday. We’re in a good position in the league table without having played well at all, so there’s a lot of scope for improvement. This season will be a lot tougher than last season, we’re in decent shape and we’re ready for anything.

Do you think it’s a point gained today, or two points dropped?

It feels like two dropped now. It depends on Tuesday night’s result really. If we can go and back up a point today by winning on Tuesday that would be great. If you win two games on the bounce in football, it does a lot for you. Four points in two games is still good but one point isn’t, so we must go and get another positive result now against FCUM. When you’re in front twice in the game, you expect to go and win the game but it wasn’t to be. We were very good defensively in the first half, the first twenty-five minutes especially. Their keeper kept them in it early on and if he hadn’t, then we could have been two or three nil up before they scored the equalizer which would have been fantastic.

What was the thinking behind putting Danny Rowe at left-wing this afternoon?

We lack height. It’s that simple really, teams are playing the ball forward and we need some kind of physical presence. We’re missing key defenders and some height, and with Caspar at left-back we needed some height down the left. We’ve had to deal with a makeshift defence today with Brad at centre-back and a new right-back, with a new left-back coming on during the game too. It’s not ideal but there’s not a lot we can do. We’ve got to be able to counter what other teams do, and most teams just seem to be knocking it forward at the moment, so we have to be prepared. We’re looking to get a players or two in to help with that.

One player who is on a massive high this week is Matt Blinkhorn after scoring two goals in two games. You must be delighted with his contributions?

We knew that once we got him back fit and ready, he’d come back and score a few goals and he’ll continue to do that because he’s a good player. He’s had his injury troubles in the past but thankfully he’s come out stronger as a result of it and we’re all pleased to see him scoring goals. He’s a target man and holds the ball up extremely well, and he’s going to carry on being a key player for us. He’s our most experienced player and to have him scoring goals will only benefit the rest of the team.