Life has taken on a completely different meaning for eight young Fylde Coast adults.

They have joined AFC Fylde Community Foundation as part of an innovative 12-week Traineeship programme which could help shape a bright new future for them.

As part of Striking Futures, the eight men and women aged between 16 and 24 have already experienced the day to day workings of the busy Community Foundation, by spending time at the office headquarters supporting with such important roles as admin.

Now they are out in the community shadowing the committed Foundation team as they deliver various programmes, including coaching and sporting sessions.

The hands-on experience has given the eight an invaluable insight into working life that they would otherwise not get the chance to see and is only possible due to the unique partnership the Foundation has forged with Virtual Learning UK (VLUK) and Cuadrilla and Centrica.

Foundation Director Tom Hutton has said: “When they first join us, the trainees are understandably nervous and lacking in confidence as they have no idea what is going to be asked of them. But by working so closely alongside my team you can see them growing in self-esteem and belief with each passing day. For many of them, it is the first time they have been given such an opportunity like this and the enthusiasm and determination they show is all the feedback we need to appreciate the success of what we are doing.

“Striking Futures is quite literally changing the lives of young people across the Fylde Coast and the more we bring on board in the future, the better.”

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