Ahead of the visit of league-leaders Barrow on Boxing Day Dave Challinor gave Chris Park his thoughts on this top-of-the-table clash.


Up next is the one all the neutrals have been waiting for but for you it will be just another game won’t it?

Yeah absolutely, I think circumstances dictate that we play Barrow at the time of year where we meet twice in a week where the top two play each other so I suppose there’s always a little bit of extra spice but for us it’s just another game and it’s the most important game as it’s the next game.

Do I think that they’ll be pivotal games in terms of what happens toward the end of the season? Nothing is won in December or January but it could have a positive impact if we get the result we want.


Barrow will bring a decent following on Boxing Day but in a similar vein to when Stockport County and, in the past, FC United, visited and tried to make it a ‘home game’ for their sides, your teams have always done quite well in that situation haven’t they?

Yeah, I think it’s by-the-by really. I think if you set out to be a footballer or if you have any ambition to play football at a higher level you’ll enjoy playing in front of a lot of people. And the more people you play in front of, whether they’re for or against you, the better.

We’ve had experience this season of going to Kings Lynn and playing in front of over 1,000 there and then going to Plymouth and there being 5-6,000 there, then at Stockport and being in front of 2,500 so we’ve been to places this year where there have been crowds and we’ve produced good performances and got good results.

We’re at home so we can affect the environment in terms of the pitch and stuff like that. The crowd doesn’t make a bit of difference. You’d hope that there will be a good atmosphere and it’s a good opportunity to show a lot of people what we can do and enjoy playing in that environment.


We’ve never played Barrow competitively before so do you know much about them and what to expect?

In terms of the team yes, we’ve obviously had them watched and the lads they’ve brought there are common names if you like, not just in non-league circles but in league circles so we know plenty about them and likewise they’ll know plenty about us.

So it’s a toss of the coin I suppose as both teams are where they are in the league based on merit and we go into it full of confidence.