All the latest from Mill Farm Sports Village…

There has been some landscaping work this week at Mill Farm with a new hawthorn hedge planted running alongside the 5-a-side pitches, with a new fence to boot.

The hedge between the South Stand and Aldi has also been changed to a Beech hedge to tie in with the rest of the development. The wall opposite the stadium, between ourselves and Trilanco, is currently being rendered and is almost complete.

General finishing off around the stadium is ongoing and the glass partitions for the office walls within the West Stand is expected next week.

Air conditioning and heating has also been completed in the club offices.

On a lighthearted note, we have had the mole catchers in this week to catch the little rascals that have been making their home on the grass verges leading up to the stadium.

The Euro Garages petrol station, complete with a Sainsburys, and the KFC drive-thru are nearing their opening, expected towards the end of this month.

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