As we get closer to completion at Mill Farm, we speak to the people involved and their roles in the project.

Here we get to know Elliot Atherton, trainee site manager for Warden Construction…  

“One of the main jobs as trainee site manager is to organise all the different trades and sub-contractors and make sure they work smoothly together. There are several different companies working at the same time and it’s just about coordinating them so that they don’t clash.

“On top of that I’m involved with ordering all the materials and making sure they are brought in on time.

“There is also a lot on the health and safety side with sub-contractors and ensuring all the relevant paperwork is in place.”

Based in Chorley, 26-year-old Elliot started working for Warden almost six years ago after hearing about the position whilst at Preston College.

“I heard about the job and just applied for it straight away,” added Elliot. “It was just the second job I had applied for at 16 and I got it! Since then I spent three years as a joinery apprentice, one year as a site supervisor and another two doing an HNC in Construction.

“Prior to the development at Mill Farm I spent 12 months working on site at Manchester University, but this is easily one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I have worked on to date. There are the inevitable ups and downs but that’s the same on any job. It has been nice to work on a project and see it built from the ground up.

“By the end of this job I’ll nearly have my qualification and hopefully I’ll be ready to run my own site.”

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