AFC Fylde and AFC Fylde Community Foundation are proud to support International Day of Charity and the Community Foundation’s work to support residents in the Fylde borough.

The 5th of September marks International Day of Charity, a United Nations global awareness day, which provides a platform for charities around the world to educate the importance and significance of their ongoing activities.

The day of action was inspired by Mother Theresa’s selfless and committed charitable work – held annually on the anniversary of her passing, with this year’s theme being Global Solidarity to Eradicate Poverty

AFC Fylde Community Foundation supports residents from all walks of life living in Fylde across three areas: Community Development, Employability and Schools.

Over the last year, the Foundation has worked with over 6,000 people and delivered over 10,000 sessions split into 24 programmes.

AFC Fylde’s Director of Football, Chris Beech, has highlighted the important work of the club’s official charity.

For Chris, seeing the Foundation provide support for local residents is something that he is proud of, and said: “The Foundation is something that the club is very proud of.

“Whether it be today on International Day of Charity or any other day, the Foundation works so hard in the community supporting local people and doing great things, so we can highlight it today, but long may it continue.

“I think any successful community organisation and football club should work as one big family, and to get the best of it, we’re trying to engage with our community and be open and available for as many people as possible.

“While it’s highlighted today, it’s pretty evident that the Foundation do a great job when it’s not International Day of Charity.”

Beech was part of the group that raised thousands for the AFC Fylde Community Foundation back in June when colleagues from the Foundation, AFC Fylde and Kepak Consumer Foods colleagues tackled the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge.

He added: “The Fundraising activities, such as the Three Peaks in June, help fund other things and projects grow, so it’s fantastic.”

Wesley Partington, Foundation Director, added: “As a Foundation, it is important that we support International Day of Charity and work with the club in our local community.

“We recognise our staff’s commitment to helping residents in our borough, and the fantastic work that they do.” 

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