The 180th FSL Gold Draw was held on Friday 19th June 2015. The first four balls drawn for the Euro Millions Draw in ascending order were 07,14,20,31 resulting in a FSL Gold Draw Number of 7401. 

The Jackpot of £2,800 was not won and will roll over to next week when the Jackpot prize will now be £2,950.

There was 1 winner of the £100 Major Treble prize for those members with the first 3 numbers correct:
Tony Hughes From Lytham with No 7408
Next week’s Major Treble prize will again be £100.

There were 5 winners sharing the £100 Minor “Treble” prize:
Kate Kelso From Lytham with No 3401
Miss Symons From Knott End with No 7301
Mrs J Wilkinson From Warton with No 6401
Mrs M Prince From Warton with No 7471
Mr Booth From Wesham with No 7901

Next week’s Minor Treble prize will again be £100.