League sponsors Vanarama have been busy opening the changing room doors… so what lies behind? 

Kyle Jameson shines a light on his team-mates in the Mill Farm camp and let’s us in on the Coasters’ characters.

Who’s got the worst car?

Lewis Montrose – he’s got an Inbetweeners car, little red beauty.

You can take three current or former team-mates on a road trip, who’s going?

I’d take Rowey for his bang average banter, which will keep me ticking over and on top.

Luke Burke as he’ll supply all the goods for the trip, and we’d also take Nick Haughton as he’s got the money to pay for the petrol for the weekend.

Who would you not let anywhere near the aux?

James Montgomery. I think he was trying to please too many people when he was in control in the dressing room, and that spelled the end of his time anywhere near the aux.

Who is most likely to become a manager?

Lewis Montrose. He’s someone that understands the players and I would personally like to play under him. I can see him in the three-piece suit on the touchline definitely.

Who’s the class clown?

Dan Bradley. He’ll turn something serious into a joke quite easily. My wheels were robbed recently and his first thing was to say was that he was “wheely sorry” to hear about it.

Worst fashion sense

James Craigen. I saw him out one time in a flowery shirt and loafers. Crags if you’re reading this that needs to be put in the bin.

Last to get their wallet out at the bar?

Neill Byrne. From what I’ve heard he’s very shy to get his wallet. Although come to think of it, Scott Duxbury owes me £10 for a game of crash – so he’s definitely up there.

Best technique

Nick Haughton. His touch is great, and some of the things you see him do are very good. Things I’ve not seen before.

Most skilful

I’m going for myself. Some of the tricks that I pull out of the bag in training are next to none. But I don’t like to be too big headed. 

Teachers Pet

Alex Whitmore. Training begins at 9.30am, Whits is in at 7.30am upstairs with a coffee.

Who is your best mate at the club?

Luke Burke. We’re both from Liverpool, we car share, and we’ve been close since I first joined! 

Best trainer?

It’s a tough one, but I’ll go with Ryan Croasdale. He’s 110% every single day.

Who’s got the most annoying habit?

Rowey. He always pinches my shoulder. I think it might be his way of saying hello, but it’s quite painful.

Most vain?

Mark Yeates. He’s got his own scissors and he’s always freshening himself up 24/7, making that little quiff in his hair is perfect. He has a whole set of clippers that he brings on away trips.


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