Work on the playing surface at Mill Farm is well underway in preparation for next season.

We have always prided ourselves on a fantastic pitch, however biblical weather conditions at times last season caused damage and clogged up drains and we have been working hard to remedy the issues and ensure the surface is carpet-like come July!

Narrow trenches (sand slits) were dug out at metre intervals lengthways across the pitch to connect with the existing slits running vertically up the field.

The areas where the sand slits meet have been cleaned out to ensure maximum drainage and then filled with gravel and sand.

The top 25mm of upper turf and organic matter has been removed and replaced with 25mm of root zone – effectively the ‘flower-bed’ for growing. Additional rootzone has applied to low areas.

Over the last couple of days, we have cultivated below the surface, incorporating pre-seeding fertiliser and bio-stimulants and finished levelling the field today.

Next up is the important job of seeding the pitch which should take place tomorrow after the surface has been adequately watered.