The AFC Fylde Community Foundation, working in partnership with N-Compass North West, are proud to be launching The Fylde Coast’s first mental health orientated mental health and wellbeing football and physical activity programme.

Over the past four months, The AFC Fylde Community Foundation have been working closely with Colin Bowman from N-Compass North west, developing a project which meets the needs and desires for adults, over the age of 18, who may be living with a range of mental health conditions, such as, depression, anxiety and other conditions which may have a detrimental effect on their health and wellbeing, and quality of living.

The Think With your Feet project, which will be delivered within the borough of Fylde, has been successfully awarded a total of £12,500.00, which will allow The Fylde Sports Trust, The AFC Fylde Community Foundation and N-Compass, the opportunity to deliver two weekly football based activity sessions, at the following locations;

Wednesday 10:00-12:00- Hove Road Park St Annes

Friday 14:00-16:00- Kirkham Memorial Park

All sessions within this programme will commence from Monday 24th August 2015, and will run for approximately 14 months continuously at each location mentioned above. Fylde Sports Trust, working in partnership with The AFC Fylde Community Foundation will supply a number of highly qualified and experienced football and physical activity coaches, who will provide participants who attend the sessions with the opportunity to take part in free physical activities, making use of public parks and facilities on offer to them.

Through this projects link with N-Compass, all adults who take part will be provided with additional support opportunities, which will be provided by specialist advocacy and support workers, as part of Lancashire County Council’s health and wellbeing service. If you require any further information regarding this programme, please do not hesitate to call Tom Hutton on 07739796101.