Over the past two years, The AFC Fylde Community Foundation, working in partnership Lancashire County Council, have been delivering nationally recognised Bikeability training courses, to over 350 Year five and six pupils at local primary schools for the past two years, providing them with the unique opportunity to create safe cycling habits for their future life.

The Bikeability programme, which AFC Fylde’s Community Foundation proudly holds the contract for in Fylde, follows a set curriculum and is delivered by highly specialised Cycling Coaches. Throughout the programme, all children are supervised and guided through two separate courses, these courses being; Level 1 and Level 2.

All children who take part in the course are provided with the opportunity to take part in the Level 1 course, which provides all children with the opportunity to safely mount their bike, set off, confidently turn corners using signals and stop and dismount their bike. Level 1 of the course also provides participants with the opportunity to complete a bike safety check, which is equivalent to an MOT for cars.

 In addition to the level 1 course, participants who complete level 1 to an excellent standard will be provided with the opportunity to take part in level 2. This element of the course provides confident cyclists with the opportunity to showcase their skills on the road, and learn how to tackle road based situations, under the close instruction of qualified coaches. Participants who complete level 2 will demonstrate to all cycle coaches that they can safely tackle road based scenarios safely and confidently. The AFC Fylde Community Foundation are committed to ensuring our next generation of cyclists can cycle safely and confidently throughout their future lives.