The AFC Fylde Community Foundation, working in partnership with Wyre and Fylde CCG and Lancashire County Council have successfully delivered The Fylde Coasts first alcohol education programme.

Nationally, it has been well documented that Alcohol Abuse at a young age can have a significant detrimental effect on the nation’s health and wellbeing, accounting for 23% of all Hospital admissions in Fylde. This causes great strain on local health provision, as well as on additional community support services which are currently undergoing significant restructure.

The AFC Fylde Community Foundations Health and Wellbeing team, strongly believe in educating our next generation of adults, allowing them the opportunity to make fully informed decisions relating to alcohol and the effect it has on a person’s health and wellbeing, both in the short term and in particular the more long term, with liver disease linked to alcohol abuse causing great strain on the National Health Service.

As part of The Foundation’s commitment to providing education and early intervention, working closely with health professionals, the following five week programme has been delivered to selected young people, in three local high schools;

– What is alcohol and how do we identify the different types
– What are alcohol units and what do they actually mean
– How do we define binge drinking , and how does this affect our bodies
– How does The British drinking culture differ from the rest of Europe
– How can we safely drink alcohol

The Foundation, following this successful pilot education programme, will be looking to launch this programme to every child in secondary schools in Fylde, creating a healthy and well informed next generation of adults.  

For more information in relation to this innovative programme, please visit or call Tom Hutton on 07739796101.