‘Re-Born To Be Fylde’ is a feature in our match day programme, where we get to know you, the supporters, a bit better! 


Due to the cancellation of many match days, we’re posting some of the entries throughout the season and asking any Fylde fans if they would like to answer the questions below…

We’re pleased to be able to feature Mark Holtham, today. 

How did you come to support AFC Fylde? 

I became a supporter when Fylde came down to Eastleigh FC on your first visit and met some of your great away supporters, and we are now great friends. 

What’s your pre-match routine? 

I live down south, so I’ve made the long drive up to Fylde and driven to some away games, like Torquay, and also jumped on a train to Bromley and others so my pre-match routine is to meet up with the my fellow Fylde fans, grab a drink then something to eat and watch the guys whilst sometimes wearing fancy dress!

What’s your favourite thing about supporting the Coasters? 

Face with tears of joy supporting the Coasters, it is truly more than football. Fylde is a great team and has played very well from a small team to Wembley trips. I’ve met players the old manger been in the changing rooms been in the program a few times and fill part of fylde family thanks to Craig ,Ross,  frenchie for letting me stay at there house every day home or away win or draw is the best. 

What’s been your best day as a Fylde fan? 

Every day, I always enjoy it.

Which goal sent you the craziest of all the ones you’ve seen? 

The best goals for me are the ones against Eastleigh FC, watching with my friends. It is so good as it’s local for me and they are in the same league.

Who do you see as our biggest rivals?

You have to think everyone it’s so tough in this division. 

Who is your favourite all time Coasters player? 

I have to say Danny Rowe.

What are you doing to stay entertained at the moment, during the current lockdown across the country? 

I am a key worker so I am just working at the moment! 

What are you missing the most?

I’m missing the drive up to Fylde and seeing the gang, watching football and playing at what I believe is the best stadium in the league! 

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