‘Re-Born To Be Fylde’ is a popular feature, where we get to know you, the supporters, a bit better! 


Due to the cancellation of many match days, we’re posting some of the entries throughout the season and some new entries too! 

Any Fylde fans that would like to answer the questions below and send them to us, please do!


We’re pleased to be able to feature Kian Dodd, today.

How did you come to support AFC Fylde? 

My brother took me to the second leg of the 2016 playoff semi final against Harrogate, and then another one, and another one and eventually I thought, “this is alright”.

Do you/did you support another team? 

I used to follow Man City because my friends did. I only went to one game but I’ve seen the light and realise that Fylde are a much bigger and better team. 

What’s your pre-match routine? 

I meet my brother and we go for food and the go to the ground.

What’s your favourite thing about supporting the Coasters? 

Everything. I love going on away days, especially to new grounds for me.

What’s been your best day as a Fylde fan? 

Sheffield United away for many reasons going to a premier league ground and giving them a good game.

Which goal sent you the craziest of all the ones you’ve seen? 

Jordan Williams against SUFC, he scored and I thought we were gonna do it, take them to a replay or even win! Unfortunately, we didn’t.

Who do you see as our biggest rivals?

Barrow, they’re local and I always enjoy the matches against them. 

Who is your favourite all time Coasters player? 

Danny Rowe, he’s a club legend.

What are you doing to stay entertained at the moment, during the current lockdown across the country? 

Playing lots of FIFA, wishing Fylde were on it, other than that I’m sleeping and eating. 

What are you missing the most about the club?



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