‘Re-Born To Be Fylde’ is a feature in our match day programme, where we get to know you, the supporters, a bit better! 


Due to the cancellation of many match days, we’re posting some of the entries throughout the season and some new entries too! Any Fylde fans that would like to answer the questions below and send them to us, please do!

We’re pleased to be able to feature James Smith, today.


How did you come to support AFC Fylde? 

I came to support AFC Fylde through my mate Mark Harrison who took me to my first game about 10 years ago. Can’t remember the opposition. Just remember the hangover the next day! There’s a common theme with going to watch Fylde. 

Do you/did you support another team? 

I grew up as a Man Utd fan; being born and raised in Salford there was only one major team and still only one major team from that area… My Dad has come to a few Fylde games with me and enjoyed it as well. 

What’s your pre-match routine? 

My pre-match routine usually started with a pint in Lytham. I Jump on the train to Kirkham to then meet the lads, have a few in the Stanley Arms and a big breakfast! We watch some games on tv at the early kick-off and get another beer down us. The lads would be on the jagers but i’m a lightweight nowadays and stick to the heavy stuff, i.e Fosters…

What’s your favourite thing about supporting the Coasters? 

The feeling of going through the terraces and actually watching football with your mates. Nothing beats it. Ever. Lads I have been going with for years. It’s a great laugh. The lads nicknamed me the voice. Tank started it at Guiseley away. Stephen Drench probably has nightmares about us.

What’s been your best day as a Fylde fan? 

I have two main ones. Wigan away or Halifax away for different reasons. Wigan was brilliant. Great atmosphere. Thought we were gonna win it too!

Halifax because we basically won the league at their place. Rowey with a great finish against our cousins from over the pennines. After the match the home fans were eager to share a few cuddles with me. Lovely reception from that lot.

Which goal sent you the craziest of all the ones you’ve seen? 

Finley against Wigan at home, I had a few drinks before the game too. To be honest there’s a common theme here. Every away game I’ve been on we get through a few drinks, I remember I fell down the stairs at Orient away. I blame Ross Lumsden for that. 

Who do you see as our biggest rivals?

For me our biggest rivals are Barrow or Chorley. Chorley going back to the play off final some years ago! Good craic with them.

Who is your favourite all time Coasters player? 

Tough one. Boothy is a legend and a top guy too. Rowey was class but I have to say his brother’s are funnier! Finley was brill; not a fan of his accent though. Michael Barnes was different gravy. Never seen a winger like him. What a player. Easily my favourite. 

What are you doing to stay entertained at the moment, during the current lockdown across the country? 

I’m actually trying to abstain from alcohol. I type this with a raging hangover though… so it’s not going too well. I’m missing football like mad! Nothing beats 3pm with your mates at a match with after a good pre-match routine. 

What are you missing the most about the club?

The club as a whole. As i said above, I am missing football like mad.

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