Throughout the week leading up to International Women’s Day AFC Fylde Community Foundation caught up with their female staff and trustees to celebrate their achievements and what International Women’s day means to them.

AFC Fylde are proud to have a number of women who work across various positions throughout AFC Fylde, Mill Farm and the Community Foundation; positions held range from Trustees, Youth Engagement Officers, Sports Coaches, Retail, Sports Science and Hospitality. 

International Women’s Day (IWD) has been celebrated annually on March 8th, dating all the way back to 1911.

This year’s theme for IWD is to ‘inspire inclusion’.

The purpose of IWD is to drive a positive change for all women everywhere, educate and raise awareness for equality and to acknowledge the contribution they make to society.

Purple, mixed with a touch of green is the chosen colour scheme for the event because purple signifies justice and dignity, whilst green symbolizes hope.

It is important to remember that IWD isn’t just meant to appeal to women, anyone is capable of contributing towards social, cultural, economic and political advancement of women.

Just like ‘Inspire Inclusion’ is not limited to just women and everyone can shoulder the responsibility to make women and children of all ages to feel included.

Lesley Calland, Trustee for the Foundation, said: “International Women’s Day acts as a day of Inspiration and Empowerment for women and girls to dream big, pursue their ambitions, and break stereotypes.

“It highlights the achievements of trailblazing women throughout history and inspiring everyday role models who have made significant contributions to their communities and society at large.

“Through these stories, International Women’s Day empowers women to challenge limitations, overcome obstacles, and strive for success.”

Lesley believes it is important that the Foundation celebrates IWD because: “Our mission is to drive and champion the fitting values of inclusivity and diversity, respect, growth and pride. 

“Providing opportunities to support everyone within our reach who identifies as female is a key part of our strategy to create a positive collaborative environment where everyone feels capable and valued.

“It is heartwarming to hear success stories deriving from the input of our team, and it is humbling to be working in the knowledge that we help women and girls within Fylde to feel positive and more confident.”

The Foundation provides a number of sessions weekly for females of all ages to attend such as children’s Development Centres, Fit Fylde, Extra Time and Kirkham Companions. During the Women’s 2023 World Cup we hosted a girls only summer camp to inspire girls playing football during the tournament. 

A fellow Trustee of the Foundation, Kate Jackson, said: “The Foundation works with girls and women in our local community every day to support, engage and empower women across the Fylde Coast.

Thanks for the opportunity to engage in this campaign, something as a woman and mum to a daughter, I feel really passionate about!”

We are proud to have worked with 2,976 women across our provision.

Both AFC Fylde and AFC Fylde Community Foundation are delighted to celebrate International Women’s Day.