I am fully aware that parking is becoming a problem at Kellamargh Park. Unfortunately we are the victims of our own success and there is not a lot we can do about it.  As you probably know there are two contributory factors.  Firstly the delay in moving to our new ground and secondly our success on the field.  I don’t think any of us except possibly Chally expected us to be where we are and playing so well.

Unfortunately this situation will probably GET WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER because if we do get promoted, next season will be even more demanding.  There have been various ideas banded about but nothing that we believe will either work better, or be fair.

However, one idea we have taken on board and will be introducing next season will be priority parking for Season Tickets Holders and more details on this will follow.  One myth I do want to knock on the head is that when the car park is full you must park at BAE. This is not the case and never has been.  You can park anywhere in Warton except for the coned off areas.  These areas are coned off by the club in conjunction with the police to prevent accidents and you being issued with a parking ticket as in the past.  This relationship is working very well.

Although I know many of you had been used to turning up at 2.50, parking next to the turnstile and getting in for kick-off, unfortunately this is no longer possible.  However, it is no more than a ten minute walk from Warton to the ground, which is surely a small price to pay for our success. Thank you for your understanding on these matters and please be patient and courteous with the car parking stewards, who are only doing their job.