FORMER professional footballer Len Johnrose took his life-changing Motor Neurone Disease public back in the summer.

Since then, he’s been campaigning to raise awareness and funds for the illness, with a focus on professional football clubs through ‘Project 92’.

Len Johnrose made more than 400 Football League appearances for Blackburn Rovers, Hartlepool, Bury, Burnley and Swansea City.

Half of those affected die within two years of being diagnosed with the rapidly progressing illness that can leave people locked in a deteriorating body, unable to move, talk and eventually breathe.

Len came to Mill Farm yesterday to deliver a talk to the AFC Fylde first-team players and staff, as well as the AFC Fylde Academy.

“The aim of Project 92 is to allow current footballers and management staff the opportunity to help towards this course.”

“I intend to visit each ground, either in person or by video link to talk about my experiences of living with motor neurone disease and also to ask each professional footballer to donate a minimum of £10 to the MNDA.”

You can find out more about Project 92 here on Len’s JustGiving page, where you can donate to his cause.