AFC Fylde to participate in fundraising scheme, by exercising! 


Myles for the NHS is a fundraising event for the National League set up by Myles Anderson, the Hartlepool United player.

Myles is hosting a London Marathon Remix daily, on Instagram, in which we can help by creating a team of up to 26 people to run, walk or cycle 26 miles! 

Don’t worry… you don’t have to do the full 26 miles on your own! 

If you have a team of 26, you would simply need to move a mile each. Likewise, if you managed to create a team of 13 to sign up, you would move for two miles each.

So far, Myles has raised over £8,000 for the NHS. Our own players James Montgomery, James Craigen, Neill Byrne and Nick Haughton are participating via Instagram to help run the miles too!

This is where you all come in, we’re asking for a fans team to participate in the Moving with Myles For The NHS Campaign, this Saturday (May 2nd), as the AFC Fylde Fans Team! 

If anyone is interested in participating and helping with the miles, get in touch! If we get more than 26 people we will create separate teams. 

It’s just £1 to enter and the rules are simple:

  • You can do this in your garden, on a treadmill or out for your one hour exercise!
  • Date – 2nd May 2020.
  • Start Time – 9:30am, each person will follow on.
  • Entry Fee – £26 donation as a Team.
  • Rules – Put a team together to complete a total of 26 miles over the course of the day.
  • Squad Size – No limitations! 4 members, 13 members, 26 members, 52 members!
  • Form of Movement – Walk, Run, Cycle.
  • How Many Miles Per Team – However many you desire!
  • Only Limitation – No one can exceed the Government Enforced Law of 1 hour maximum outside the home per day exercise!




Do you want to take part in our feature? Get in touch, send us a DM on Twitter by CLICKING HERE, or Email us by CLICKING HERE!

Please make sure you leave your full contact details so we can get in touch with you ASAP.

Once we get our team together, full information how you can keep up-to-date with the challenge will be communicated!