As we get closer to completion at Mill Farm, we get to know the people involved and their roles in the project.

Warden Construction’s Gareth Lingard, 30, is the man charged with the everyday running of the site at Mill Farm.

Originally from Salford, Gareth’s main job is to coordinate everyone on site and make sure work goes smoothly and to plan.  

“I look after coordination of sub-contractors, all of the design coordination, safety on site and perhaps most importantly, liaise with the client.

“I started working for Warden almost two years ago and this is by far the biggest and most challenging project I have worked on so far.

“I went to a couple of open days about site management at Salford University and got on a course that allowed me to do the job whilst studying it at the same time so it was a great opportunity.

“I then did some freelance work before applying for the job with Warden. They are a great company to work for and there’s a great team here.

“I enjoy this job because it’s different every day. I couldn’t sit behind the same desk 9-5. This has been an interesting project to work on and I’m sure it will be very rewarding when the job is complete.”

On site, cladding on the front of the West Stand is progressing well and the aluminium frame for glazing is currently being constructed, whilst the gas also went live today.

South Stand foundations have been finished, drainage work is underway and steelwork is due to start on the in the next 10 days.