Manager Dave Challinor visited Mill Farm earlier today to take a look at the progress being made on the new home of AFC Fylde.

Work continues at pace to chip the 45,000 trees and send them off for Biomass energy recycling, while at the opposite end of the site, the road to take vehicles around the complex continues to take shape.

Wardens have completed their headquarters, where their workforce will be based during the 11 months of the project.

The Coasters manager took a stroll around the site and admitted he can’t wait to get started – although at present he can only see the area for the playing surface submerged under the trees being removed!

He said: “The vision of the club was one of the main reasons I came here and the stadium project on paper looked amazing and now it has started to take shape.

“There is so much interest in what is happening here and to see such progress after just a few weeks is impressive.”

This week, the entrance for the working vehicles on the Fleetwood Road has been widened to enable transport to come in and out easier on site.  Over the next few weeks the road system within Mill Farm will start to take shape and the eventual target will be the creation of the main entrance off the Wesham island.

The trees will continue to be removed off site and then work can begin on preparing the ground where the main AFC Fylde stadium will be developed.

Challinor added: “I’m looking forward to getting the wellies on and having a proper look around the whole complex over the next few weeks and it’s exciting seeing the progress already being made.”