WORK is continuing at pace on Mill Farm this week.

Building contractors Warden Construction have begun to develop their compound which will be the base as they build the AFC Fylde stadium complex. A series of cabins will be installed in the entrance compound and it will become a central headquarters for the contractors.

This week, the biggest progress has seen a service road installed on site which will enable all the construction vehicles to enter from the A585 Fleetwood Road.  The road will continue to be developed around the complex with the next stage being to add duct work for the utilities to be added.

The road will then be extended into a network around Mill Farm which will include the main entrance of the development coming off the A585 Wesham roundabout.

Work also continues to remove the trees from the site which have been felled. When this stage is completed, soil will be soft stripped around the working area and stockpiled for use on the beginning of the construction of the football pitches.