As we get closer to completion at Mill Farm, we get to know the people involved and their roles in the project.

Growth has always been a key element at AFC Fylde and no one knows more about growing than Danvic Managing Director Richard Sharrock.

Danvic are the company charged with constructing the new pitch at Mill Farm and here we speak to Richard about the process.

“We started working with the club about seven years ago,” said Richard, who is originally from Standish but has lived locally in Preston for the last 16 years. “We have helped take care of the pitch at Kellamergh Park and now we are constructing the playing surface at Mill Farm. We started up 28 years ago and I’ve been involved in the industry for 41 years personally. 

“The process is very weather dependant. Work was due to start on Wednesday but unfortunately the weather dictates. 

“The sub base will be formed into the profile of the pitch, then we put the primary drainage system in followed by a secondary drainage system. We will then put 100mm carpet over the top of that, which is like a manufactured growing medium.

“There is then a full irrigation system to go in and then we begin to seed into the root zone and then basically grow it in.

“The whole process takes about four to five weeks before we start to see some results.

“We have also done Fleetwood’s pitch, Sheffield United’s training ground and few in the RFL including Chorley Panthers.

“We know how important the pitch is to a football club. At the end of the day it’s your own little Wembley so we treat them all with the same care and respect. 

We are very pleased and proud to be involved with the growth of the football club. It’s a very good club to be associated with and we always keep an eye out for AFC Fylde’s results and we want them to do well.”