The grass isn’t always greener … well with the help of local turf specialists Danvic, the playing surface at Mill Farm will be the best around!

The pitch is currently being prepared for the specialists to come in by laying a sub base and a layer of top soil. The turf itself will be started next month and we will speaking to the people at Danvic to learn about the process so keep an eye out for our next update.

Plaster boarding to form the rooms on the first floor has begun and blockwork on the ground floor is due to finish within the week.

The cladding that is proudly displayed on the front and the side elevations of the West Stand is set to continue on the pitch facing elevations next week.

South Stand steel structure work starts on Monday after foundations and drainage work were finished whilst the roof on the East Stand is currently being fitted.   

Away from the stadium, the Aldi superstore is really starting to take shape as you see from our photo below. Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge.