With both the West and the East Stands looking highly impressive, construction work on the South Stand at Mill Farm started yesterday.

The ground has been stoned over the past two days and the foundation work will start early next week.

Mechanical and electrical work, along with block and brick work, is ongoing for the next few months as all the interior rooms begin to take shape.

The roof on main West Stand is almost complete and, as you can can tell from the photo above, it’s a nerve-racking job! 

The brick work on the East Stand is well under way and the roof sheets are being delivered next week ready for fitting.

As you can see from the last two photos below, Trilanco and Aldi are also well on with the construction of their own premises.

Overall the development is on track for completion in the summer despite the continuous awful weather conditions.  

The club are now offering ground tours at Mill Farm, starting next weekend. Click here for more info.