We continue to work behind the scenes to ensure all outstanding matters are solved to the satisfaction of Fylde Borough Council. We are meeting with Fylde Borough Council next Monday to discuss and hopefully finalise the legal aspects of the planning application. This will allow the project to then be referred to the National Planning Unit.

We understand your frustrations at the pace of progress however we also sympathise with Fylde Borough Council as they have pressures with resourcing and other projects. This said, we are doing well in the league and we are all working hard to ensure this project starts as soon as possible as it looks like we may need the new stadium next season.

It is clear we will have to start next season in our current ground but the sooner we can put a shovel in the ground the better.

As always for more information you can contact James French on 07711 597 035 with any specific questions with regards to progress.

Thank you & kind regards