THE MAIN entrance to Mill Farm has opened up this week for the first time.

The entrance to the site is now directly off the main Wesham roundabout (below) coming off Fleetwood Road and replaces the site entrance that has been in operation for the past six months.


Construction has begun on the lift pits (below) with steel construction ready for shuttering and pouring the concrete.   Work is soon to begin on putting the steel works up on the West Stand at Mill Farm.


After months of work preparing the land and installing foundation pads into the ground, the key stage of the building process is about to begin.

Digging has continued on the attenuation pond which is used to collect and store rain water and prevent flooding.

Preparation work involving drainage has been carried out to link up from the spine road around the site and running to the site of the pond.

Initially this will just be a temporary pond just to hold all the surface water off site but then eventually will be created into the permanent pond, once all the details are finalised.