Over the past three weeks we have been clearing the site of all Conifer trees and we are now in a position in which all trees have been felled and are being repositioned by the temporary site entrance. The trees are being prepared for processing and removal from site which will commence from 9/3/15. Whilst this work has been taking place we have been ensuring we are protecting any wildlife by having a survey carried out each week to ensure no wildlife is put at risk.

Over the next week the construction company appointed will begin developing a site entrance, temporary car park and site yard to enable them to commence works of removing all the top soil for the land and constructing the road, which will eventually link into the existing roundabout. The company will also be preparing the land for utilities for the beginning of main construction of the ground. The construction company will be unloading around 50+ wagons for site set up.

A big thank you to Nigel Broster for coming on site to take some photos of the works being undertaken.