Missed last night’s programme? Never fear, we will be featuring some of the best bits right here on the website.

To kick things off, here is an A-Z of Matty Hughes…

AWAY DAY (What is your favourite away day?)

As a Liverpool fan I’d say United away at Old Trafford. Great atmosphere and constant singing throughout the match. Particularly the 4-1 victory. The Torres game when Vidic got sent off and Dossena lobbed van der Sar. What a game!

DESTINATION (If you could visit one place on earth where would it be?)

Definitely Vegas. I’ve never been before and it’s the one place in the world that has always intrigued me. I don’t have any plans to go in the near future so hopefully a stag-do comes up and I have an excuse to go.

EXCITEMENT (Which daring activity would you most like to try?)

Sky diving. The thrill would just be once in a lifetime. I don’t think anything could give you as much of an adrenaline rush.

HELL (What is your idea of hell?)

My idea of hell is being locked in a room with the physio Ste for any more than an hour. That would be hell. He could talk a glass eye to sleep. He’s a very boring man.

KEEPY-UPPY (How many can you do?)

How long is a piece of string?! I can do quite a few, yeah.

NEW (What was the last thing you bought for yourself?)

I bought some new boots the other day. Some nice all black Adidas boots. They are just for training though.

RETIREMENT (What are your plans after football?)

I’d like to think that one is a while off yet! I’d probably like to do some coaching somewhere down the line, but it that didn’t materialise then a nice steady job would do.

TAKE-AWAY (What is your favourite take-away?)

Chinese. All day. I get what’s-it-called, Sweet Chilli Crispy Chicken or Beef. It’s unbelievable. (Brendon – Crispy Shredded Beef?) Yeah, that’s it. Unbelievable. 

WATCH (What do you like to watch on TV?)

I don’t mind a bit of rugby. I support Wigan. I can quite happing watch that on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. That’s a good weekend for me. Providing Wigan win of course.

ZOO (If you could have one animal as a pet what would it be?)

A little monkey. A little capuchin monkey like Ross off Friends.