We are delighted to announce that all Members and Season Ticket Holders can now take advantage of our fantastic CASHBACK facility here at Mill Farm! 

Earn up to an incredible 25% CASHBACK on food, drinks and merchandise at all of our outlets by simply paying with your Membership card!

Loading up your card online couldn’t be easier and you can even choose whether to add a single top up or set up a recurring top up.

See below for a simple step-by-step guide on how to load up your card and start earning cashback on your purchases TODAY!



Visit https://ecash.afcfylde.co.uk/login

Click on the ‘Top Up Your eCash’ link

Login using your membership number (found on your card) and password (this is the same as you use for ticket purchases)

Click on ‘Account’. You can also view your transaction history on this page.

To Top Up Once (Single Payment)

Select the amount and click on ‘Top Up Now’

Follow the instructions to pay

Ensure that your email is correct to receive the emailed receipt.

Money is instantly deposited and can be used straight away.

To Setup a Recurring Top Up (coming very soon)

Turn on ‘Auto Top-up’ using the selector

Enter the top up amount and the minimum threshold.  Once you drop below your minimum threshold, your top up amount will trigger.  

Follow the instructions to set up your payment method.

Example: Top up £20 and set up the minimum threshold as £5.  As soon as your balance drops below £5, your account will be automatically credited by £20 using your saved payment method

Click the below link for visual step by step guide:
Topping up your E-Cash

To pay for goods, simply present your card to your server and inform them you wish to use the ecash function to pay. 

The cashback will be refunded to your card immediately upon settling of the bill. 

Please note that all cards are now ecash and card holders MUST top their card up beforehand as discounts are no longer available.

*Cashback is not available on ticket purchases or hospitality. Only purchases made with eCash (i.e. with your card) will receive the cashback. All other payment methods will be payable at full price.