The 483rd FSL Gold Draw was held on Friday 9th April 2021. The first four balls drawn for the Euro Millions Draw in ascending order were 02, 08, 32, 35 resulting in an FSL Gold Draw Number of 2825.

The Jackpot of £1,750 was not won and will roll over to next week when the Jackpot will now be £1,900.


There were 2 winners sharing the rollover £200 Major “Treble” prize:

David Haythornthwaite (from AFC Fylde with No 2828)

Mrs Kilroy (from Wesham with No 2820)

The Major “Treble” prize next week will now be £100


There was 1 winner of the £100 Minor “Treble” prize:

Wendy Hindle (from Kirkham with No 4825)

The Minor “Treble” prize next week will again be £100.


For further information relating to the FSL Gold Draw please visit our website HERE.