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To kick things off, here is an A-Z of Steve Williams…

SILVERWARE – Have you won any trophies / awards?

I reached the Carling Cup Final against Swansea with Bradford City back in 2013 but unfortunately I didn’t play any part because of an Achilles injury. I was there with the lads and if I’d have been fit then I would have been involved. I’ve never been promoted because I’ve always been with mid-table kind of clubs, but I’m hoping to change that this year. Winning promotion would the icing on my career. I have always wanted to have that feeling. I have friends that wherever they seem to go they win something and it hasn’t happened for me yet.

AWAY DAYS – What is your favourite away day?

Park Head, Celtic, when I was on loan at Inverness. There were about 50,000 fans there and you couldn’t hear a thing. It was overwhelming. We lost 1-0 but missed a great chance to equalise in the second half, but then I got sent off after 80 minutes! It was the longest walk of my career, walking from one corner flag to the opposite end in front of a lot of Scottish fans. It’s a game that I will always remember though and a fantastic day.

MACHO – Who is the toughest player you have played against?

I’ve got to go Akinfenwa. I’ve played against him a few times against Gillingham, Wimbledon and Northampton. I could never get the ball off him. You could only try and read him or get in front of him. He is a big lad but he’s a big player in more ways than one because his teammates look up to him as a key part of the team. He’s good with his feet too and has a little burst of pace over five yards. With his back to goal he can roll you easily and he is very wide! Beast mode!

ZOO – If you could have one animal as a pet, what would it be?

A chihuahua. They are small and I’m big and I’d look like an idiot if I had one! Driving around with a Chihuahua on my lap would be funny.

COMEDY – Who makes you laugh?

Over the past few weeks it has been Brendon Daniels. He is very enthusiastic which makes me laugh. But the number of little white lies that he comes out with is unbelievable. The lads are always straight onto him though. He always gets found out for his little porkies, but they are always only jokes and he makes me laugh. He’s just young and lively and gets the lads going.

TAKEAWAY – What is your favourite takeaway?

It’s got to be Nando’s or Dominos. I’ll go for Nando’s. I get hot chicken breast, mashed potatoes, vege, spicy rice – pretty much everything!

WATCH – What do you like to watch on TV?

I’ll be honest, during the season I have a game on every night in my house. I pretty much just watch sport and football most evenings it’s football. Monday Night Football, play on a Tuesday, Champions League Wednesday, Europa League Thursday and there’s usually a Championship game on a Friday night. Then on a Sunday it’s just a full day of it.

DESTINATION – If you could visit one place on earth where would it be?

America because I’ve never been before. A few places – New York around Christmas Time, Las Vegas in the summer. Just America in general, a few different states would be nice. A lot of people have already been by my age so it’s something that I want to tick off.

EXCITEMENT – Which daring activity would you most like to try?

Although I wouldn’t do it, I’d say skydiving. It’s something that would never ever do but when you see videos and the adrenaline that you get from it, it does look good. But again I could never actually do it in a million years.

VICE – What is your worst habit?

My sweet tooth. Sugar is not great when you are an athlete and I do monitor my diet but that’s definitely my Achilles heel. I think it maybe because I’m always using energy and I’m looking to put something back in. Sweets, chocolate, anything! Sugar is an addiction but I try and keep on top of it.