Missed last weekend’s programme? Never fear, we will be featuring some of the best bits right here on the website.

To kick things off, here is a quick A-Z of Brendon Daniels…

AWAY DAY (What is your favourite away day?)

That will be Harrogate this year. I’m looking forward to going back this year to be treated like a king!

COMEDY (Who / what makes you laugh?)

Kevin Hart is my favourite comedian. Very funny. His stand-up is very good.

GOAL (What is your favourite goal?)

The Thierry Henry one where he flicks it up, swizzle, bang. That or Didier Drogba’s header in the Champions League final a few years ago. Flicked header at the front post.

IDOL (Who was your idol growing up?)

Ronaldinho. He was one of the best players in the world at the time and very skilful.

NEW (What was the last thing you bought for yourself?)

I bought some new trainers the other day. Some Nike Air Force One’s.

QUALIFICATIONS (What were you like at school?)

I was brain dead at school! I was pretty much rubbish at everything. I was okay at P.E but struggled with most other things. 

TAKE-AWAY (What is your favourite take-away?)

My favourite is Thai. A Thai green curry is what I usually get.

VICE (What is your worst habit?)

My worst habit is spitting. Not just during games, all the time. I get told off for it.

WATCH (What do you like to watch on TV?)

Come Dine With Me. I always watch it when I get home from training. Mainly because there’s nothing else on at that time.

ZOO (If you could have one animal as a pet what would it be?)

Lion. Dunno why, I’d just like one. I’d find space in the house for one.