In a brand new matchday programme feature, we ask members of the Coasters squad to pick their favourites from a variety of topics.

First up is midfielder James Hardy


Favourite goal you’ve scored?
When I was at Manchester City, we were playing in a final of a tournament in Hong Kong against Hong Kong. I scored in the first half to make it 1-0 but we ended up losing the game.

Favourite goal you’ve seen?
Has to be Sergio Aguero against QPR. Brilliant goal to win the league in the last minute of the season, it was fantastic.

Favourite match you’ve seen?
I was at the game in 2012 when Man City beat QPR to win the Premier League. It was a mad game, so much happened and the place went crazy when Aguero scored.

Favourite assist you’ve had?
I’ll go for my assist for Andy Bond earlier this season against Boston. I slotted the pass through and it was a great run and finish from Bondy.

Favourite away ground?
My favourite ground that I’ve played at is St Mary’s, Southampton’s stadium. It’s very nice.


Favourite TV show/movie?
I’ll go for the Wolf of Wall Street, it’s such a good film. Di Caprio is great too.

Favourite food?
Steak. I get it done between medium and well-done.

Favourite holiday?
Trying to think of the one’s I’ve had with families and friends. I’ll go for my holiday in Zante in the summer, it was unbelievable. It’s a choice between that and Ayia Napa.

Favourite prank?
At City, we cut a hole in one of the lad’s trousers but he didn’t actually clock onto what happened until he walked outside to get the taxi. At the time, it was very funny.

Favourite animal?
I’m not a massive animal lover to honest. I don’t really know, I’ll go for a Tiger or something like that.


Favourite sporting star outside football?
Conor McGregor. Just love the way he acts and he is very funny. He’s also fantastic at what he does as well.

Favourite film star?
As I said, Di Caprio is a decent actor. I also like Cameron Diaz, her films are decent.

Favourite singer?
I’ll go for Drake. He was brilliant last year.

Favourite teacher in Primary school?
We had an RE teacher called Mr Kendrew. He was great because he liked football so he’d always chat to us about it.

Favourite comedian?
Does James Corden count? I’ll go for him, he’s hilarious.