Man of the Match Danny Lloyd spoke to Jack Connor after the victory over Brackley Town on Saturday.


So Danny, another win for Fylde and you grabbed yourself a goal.  Sum up your own performance.

I think in the first half I thought personally I was alright.  I was in and out of the game and did bits well and didn’t do some things so great but then obviously got the goal that sort of killed the game.

It’s always a tricky score 2-0 because the next goal is important and even though it never came I thought in the second half defensively we were fantastic and very comfortable.  And going forward, personally, I thought I could have made a couple of better decisions on the break but I thought my all-round game in the second half was probably one of the best spells of 45 minutes that I’ve had.  I was constantly in the game and made the right decisions so overall I was happy with the way I played and obviously getting another goal is great.


Josh Wilson extended his loan deal before the game but how pleased are you with how he’s played and what’s he changed about the Fylde team?

I think he’s just brought a different dimension to the team to be honest.  He gets up and down the pitch really well, his distribution of the ball is good, he spreads the play really well which is good for me and Richie and he can switch the ball to either side at will which is good.

I know Josh personally and he’s a nice lad as well which is good and I’m more than happy to have him as an addition to the car pool for another month at least so it’s great.


The next game is the top of the table clash with Barrow.  How are you going to prepare for that one?

Well we had our Christmas do on Saturday night so it’s a case of everyone having a good night tonight then us all looking after ourselves on Sunday then we’ve got training on Monday and Tuesday.  So it’s about going in and preparing ourselves properly then looking after ourselves over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day before we all come together again on Boxing Day and hopefully pull out a good result.

I wouldn’t say the next three games are going to define the season but they’ll go a long way to preparing the three teams at the top mentally for the run-in.