Community Department Overview

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The AFC Fylde Community Foundation was formed in June 2013, when the Director of Community Development, Tom Hutton was brought on board to develop the community department within the club, this involved creating links with key partnership organisations such as BAE Systems and many more.

The aims of the AFC Fylde Community Foundation are as follows;

To develop participants’ sporting aspirations, providing opportunities for all members to take part in structured events which will be delivered by AFC Fylde Foundation coaches.

Develop links with local primary schools, providing quality delivery packages and providing children and teachers the opportunity to develop their sporting skills set.

Engage with children on the Fylde coast providing opportunities for all to take part in activities on a regular basis.

Improve sport participation levels on the Fylde coast, targeting communities who traditionally do not take part in sport on a regular basis.

Develop a unique coaching skill set, making The Foundation as versatile as possible, delivering a comprehensive package to all of The Foundation’s partners.


Create and develop links with local football teams throughout the Fylde Coast, providing opportunities through coaching development and quality session delivery on a regular basis.

Integrate with communities, providing support assistance and opportunities to all residents of the Fylde coast.

Provide a first class visible presence, making a difference in our communities.

The AFC Fylde Community Foundation strive to provide the best level of service to all residents on the Fylde coast, creating links between the Foundation and the Football Club is an important part of The Foundation’s work.

If you are interested and would like to find out more information about The Foundation and its work, please contact the foundations Director of Community Development, Tom Hutton on 07739 796101 or via e-mail

You can also view The Foundation’s very own website here