The AFC Fylde Community Foundation are pleased to announce its summer fun schedule for summer 2014. The Foundation prides itself on delivering free activities working with the most vulnerable young people across Fylde, providing activities which otherwise they may not have the opportunity to take part in.

There is no need to book, just simply turn and join in with sports such as Football, Dodgeball,  Handball and Athletics.

Please see below timetable of activities which commence Monday 4th August 2014.


10am-12pm Hove Road Park

1-3pm  Rawstron Playing Fields


10am- 12pm Ashton Gardens

1-3pm Kirkham Memorial Park

6-8pm- Briddes Playing Field


10am-12pm Kirkham Memorial Park

1-3pmWesham Community Park

6-8pm- Rawstorne Sports Centre


10am-12pm Bridges Playing fields

1-3pm Ashton Gardens

6-8pm Hove Road Park


10am-12pm Rawstorne centre Frekcleton

1-3pm Hove Road Park

6-8pm Wesham Community Park

Hove Road Park St Annes and Ashton Gardens St Annes 6-8pm


Kirkham Memorial Park and Bridges Playing Field 6-8pm

For more information regarding the above activities please call The Foundations Director Tom Hutton on 07739796101.