AFC Fylde Community Foundation have made it their goal to inspire local football coaches with an innovative new programme.

Working in partnership with McDonalds, the Foundation have launched the Coach Mentor programme. The aim is to support up-and-coming coaches in improving their skills and abilities on the pitch.

Local grassroots coaches have been invited to join the six-week personal development project at Mill Farm.

During their time at the club, they will develop their coaching ability as well as learn new techniques by working closely with the highly-skilled and experienced team of coaches at the Foundation.

The ground-breaking programme enables the coaches to work together on practical and theory sessions and, throughout the course, develop different aspects of their individual coaching ability.

With the end mission for local children in the community to benefit from receiving high-quality coaching by better equipped grassroots coaches, it’s an extremely beneficial programme for all involved. 

One participant, coach Bailey Back said he could already see improvements after being involved for just one week. He added: “It’s a great opportunity to be able to improve my coaching ability. It is something I am keen on doing and I’m grateful I can take part in this course.

“We work as a group throughout the sessions. The Foundation coaches are able to develop our coaching styles and enable us to better understand what works best when coaching our own personal grassroots teams.”

McDonalds Franchisee Nigel Dunnington, who is a keen supporter of grassroots football, says: “I am pleased to be able to support the AFC Fylde Community Foundation in offering training for grassroots football coaches. The mentor programme provides a good opportunity for coaches to hone their skills and will help ensure that local teams receive the best coaching possible. Grassroots football teams provide young local players with the chance to get involved in football from an early age and is something McDonald’s and I are very passionate about.”

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