AFC Fylde manager Dave Challinor believes shocking weather and some debatable decisions ‘completely ruined’ his side’s top of the table clash against Solihull Moors.

The Coasters went down 2-1 at Kellamergh Park, but were denied a stonewall penalty in the dying moments of the match. 

“Of course we are extremely disappointed to have lost the game, but ultimately I think the game should have been called off. You can’t play football in those conditions.

“I think we were lucky that somebody didn’t get seriously injured.

“The only way we were going to scored was from a mistake, because the ball wouldn’t even go forward due to the condition of the pitch.

“We made a mistake when Ben Hinchliffe gifted them a goal, they’ve made a mistake giving us a penalty and the referee made a mistake by not awarding us with another cast-iron penalty in the last minute.

“I don’t have a go referees unless they make a decisions that directly impact on the outcome of the game and I don’t think I’m the only one that shares that view on the penalty claim. There was only one person in the whole ground that didn’t think that was a penalty.

“We never want to have games called off but the simple fact is that you can’t play football in conditions like that. Both sets of players were playing passes with no idea whether they were going to reach a teammate.

“It’s a shame because that was a clash of two of the best teams in the division that has been completely ruined.”