AFC Fylde Chairman David Haythornthwaite paid tribute to the team’s supporters after their New Years day win at Barrow.

“I thought the turnout from our fans on Friday was first class” said David.  “When we arrived at the ground I was amazed to see how many regulars had made the trip and when we scored, watch the Barrow highlights, it sounded like there were 500 there.

“There obviously weren’t 500 but a good 150 in my estimate made the journey and were well rewarded on an absolutely horrible day weather wise.

“Some of our detractors, no names mentioned, will laugh at this but for us it is massive progress and shows that you really can build a fan base from scratch.

“Now we just need to get over the final planning hurdle on Wednesday and then work can start on our new facility in February.  Then people will finally know where we are, which I have always felt will double our gates overnight, minimum.

“Happy New Year to you all and see you tomorrow.”