Stephen Crainey was the latest player to brave our popular ‘Ask a Silly Question’ feature… 

What would be your least favourite position in a football team?

Goalkeeper. I don’t think I could catch a ball to be honest. There is a lot of demand and pressure on goalkeepers and it’s just not for me.

Would you rather be caught staring at someone or talking about them?

I don’t like talking about anyone behind their back, I’d rather tell them to their face so I’d have to stare at someone.

How many Crème Eggs could you eat in five minutes?

I think after five I’d start to feel sick, but I’d give it a go. I could probably fit two in my mouth at once.

Have you ever had to build flat-pack furniture?

I’m absolutely at DIY. If there’s anything to be built in the house it’s a phone call to my dad and he can do it! 

What is your least favourite TV show and why?

I’m not into Big Brother at all. The missus has it on every night and I just end up going upstairs and watching something else.

What was your first car?

My first car was a Renault Clio. I was 17 and I was absolutely buzzing with it. I went full-time at Celtic and bought it myself. I spent an absolute fortune in fuel in the first few months! I was quite a sensible driver though when I was younger – most of the time!

Would you rather have cat’s whiskers or dog’s ears?

I’ll go for dog’s ears.

What is the least amount of money that you would pick up off the floor?

If I dropped a penny I would pick it up! I’m in to the superstition of picking up pennies and throwing them over your shoulder, so I wouldn’t keep it.

Who is the most intimidating person you have met?

Good question that. I’ll go for Martin O’Neill who was my manager at Celtic. There were some big players there at the time, but as soon as he walked into the changing room there was utter silence. I played a game away at Hearts and I took a throw in towards the middle of the pitch and they cut it out and ended up breaking away. We came in at half-time and he shouted ‘Stephen, throw the ball down the line, down the line!’ So that has always stuck in my head whenever I’ve taken a throw in since! 

Did you ever steal anything when you were a kid?

Yeah I did. I stole some ice-pops from the local shop and I was pretty pleased at not being caught!

Would you rather wear oven gloves for a month or high-heels?

Oven gloves. I don’t mind cooking to be fair.

Cut out sausages or bacon for the rest of your life?

Because I’m from Scotland I like a square slice, so I’d cut out bacon. You can’t beat a square slice. My mum and dad always bring them down and they are so good.