Brackley Town away (FA Trophy) 13.12.16 K/O 7:45
By Craig Wilson (Joint Chairman of Fylde Independent Supporters Club)

Frenchy, Tim and I set off at 3pm from Blackpool on the long trip to Brackley. Humour and laughs on the way down and some great rally driving by Frenchy around the country lanes of Macclesfield to avoid the delay on the M6 kept everything interesting.

A man reversing a car up a tree was a highlight as we got to St James Park just after kick-off. So after just under five hours of driving let the match begin.

First-half – We got there already 1-0 down and things didn’t improve and 3-0 down at half time was not what we were after.

Second half – Rowey, Bondy & Brendan come on and tried to liven things up. Rowey come close a couple of times but Brackley scored again. Oh well, it was time for a few songs and a bang of the drum. Frenchy declined singing so it was down to Tim and I to wind up a few Brackley players, all in good jest.

The game ended and the squad applauded us whilst Josh and Caspar came over to shake our hands and apologise – a great gesture and despite the result, the three of us had a great night.

A Brackley fan bought us a drink each and we were applauded out of their clubhouse for coming down. A great gesture from their fans.

Back to the road and getting home at 2am wasn’t a highlight but we would do it all again.

Following your team isn’t just about the match, it’s about the trip and meeting new people.  We win more than we lose so no complaints from us.

Now onto Gloucester…