Whilst you may not be able to see from the road in passing, you can certainly tell from the impressive photos below that work on the playing surface at Mill Farm is progressing fantastically well.

Work started last week and who better to talk us through the next few weeks than Richard Sharrock, Managing Director at Danvic, the local company charged with constructing the new pitch.

“The pitch area has been levelled out and we started to form a soil sub base last week,” said Richard.

“Next up is the laying of the carrier drains, which should take a couple of days, and then the lateral drains, which is a further few days. 

“Once the drainage is in then we start on the rootzone carpet, which makes up the finished playing surface. We grow the seeds into that carpet and at the same time a full irrigation system goes in.

“The whole process doesn’t take too long but it’s very dependant on the weather. Thankfully it’s been decent recently so we are making good process.” 

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